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12 Seasons Live
12 Seasons Live
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After listening to "Twelve Seasons of a Vision", I have been so deeply enlightened to know where I am and where I've been. For the past three years, my husband and I endured hardships in our marriage and ministry. We couldn't see God or sense Him in anything happening in our lives and wondered what's going on, and where is God? Now I can honestly say I have a greater understanding because of this powerful teaching. Thank God for Bishop E.L. Warrens' obedience in sharing this life changing revelation.


                                                                       Lynda Calhoun

                                                                       Moss Point, MS

The Twelve Seasons of a Vision teaching is one of the most powerful and enlightening teaching that we have ever experienced. It has changed our lives and ministry by answering the hard questions and helping us to locate where we are and what season we are in.


There is no doubt that it flowed straight from the throne of God and is changing the lives of saints here on the Gulf Coast.


                                                            Pastor Jimmie & Nadine Wilson
"The 12 Seasons of Every Vision is a constant source of encouragement and strength today that came along in a time of ministry that I would have quit. This revelation gave me the insight I needed to continue and ultimately get on course with my Destiny!"
                                                                         Overseer Gerald Patterson
                                                                         Tupelo, MS 

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