The Bishopric

A Bishop is chosen one of two ways...


Bishop Designate is the title prior to Consecration. Must be appointed by one higher than themselves. (A Bishop cannot make himself a Bishop)

The way out of this office is to be disappointed by one higher than themselves.


Bishop Elect is the title prior to Consecration.

A group of Elders, and Pastors who desire one to be the bishop over them, elects them, and requests a Consecration. (A Bishop cannot make himself a Bishop)

This Bishop can be voted out if they were voted in.

A Bishop's Responsibilities...

Must have a clear sense of the purpose and the mission of the church.

Several years of experience as an ordained Cleric; Apostle, Pastor, Teacher, Prophet, Evangelist.

Has been trained as a Presbyter and has experience shepherding shepherds.

Has a good background in his teaching and preaching.

Should have a Criminal Background Check.

Should have his/her phone number published.

Is the Conscience of the Community.

Is a Spiritual and Governmental leader.

Judges all matters relating to the local church, and those under his/her jurisdiction.

Is ordained only once as a Cleric or Elder.

Should be Installed and Consecrated into the office.

Is an Overseer at large.

Clergy of the highest order is charged with Supervision or an Administrative function. 


Ethics for the office of the Bishop...


Must keep mind in perfect peace


Is the greatest servant among the servants.


Those around the Bishop must guard and protect His name.


Has a spiritual persona.


The church gained a greater leader.


Have the qualities of a brother/father.                                         


Teach with authority.


Must fashion themselves to walk after the church.


Must connect with other denominations.


Makes appointments, licenses, ordains; Diaconate, Elders, and consecrates other Bishops.


Must keep a balance - Leadership vs Friendship (Maintain the boundaries)


First and foremost, must grasp every opportunity to here from God


Develop his/her spouse. (If we don't take care of our wives, we won't take care of the church)


The Levels of the Episcopacy...


A presiding Bishop Colors: Scarlet Red.



A successor to Primate, those who give final word, head of a territory / jurisdiction of diocese. (Bishop E. L. Warren)



Is administrative office, assistant to Prelate. Immediate successor to Prelate. Cannot do anything without Prelate's authorization.



Assistant to the Primate. Has no direct succeeding line. Cannot ordain. Administration / Secretary.



Leader over department heads. (No territory)



Bishop Emeritus - No Portfolio of churches. Retired from active service but retains one's title.


The Attire of the Episcopacy

Roman Purple - Church color with gold chain and cross.

Black Shirt - Corporate attire

Travel - In Corporate black

Scarlet Red - Only for Primate
(Never wear scarlet red in the presence of an Primate)

Civic - Black Shirt with collar. A full collar is only worn by ordained Elders

Woman's Civic - Conservative black suit with white blouse and black pumps for Elders, collars are proper but not mandatory.

Canon Missioner - Black suit, black shirt and collar, or purple with collar and silver cross. No roman purple, scarlet red, or gold chain with cross.

Licensed Elders - May wear the tab shirt, but not a full collar.

Occasions - Dress up for functions honoring the Church. Dress down, black shirt and collar when its a civic matter, funeral of an unbeliever, etc.

The Episcopal Seal of Bishop E.L. Warren...


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